Dit vacuümhefapparaat met opgebouwde pomp en tank is voorzien van 6 of 8 nappen en is geschikt voor het transporteren van glasbladen “intern” tot 6000x3210mm. Het apparaat is voorzien van een pomp, tank en akoestisch signaal in 220 of 380 volt. Het apparaat is alleen geschikt voor verticaal transport, 600kg of 800kg.

English: This vacuum machine with built in pump and tank is provided with 6 or 8 suction cups and is suited for the internal transport of glass plates with a maximum size of 6000x3210mm. The machine also has an acoustic signal, 220 or 380 volt and is suited for vertical transport, 600 or 800kg.

If the normal oval pad is too small, or glass are on average larger than 4×3 meters, you can use the larger vacuummachine with more pads. With more pads the bigger glassplates are well supported, up to 600 kg. He has an acoustic signal, with pump and tank at 220 or 380 volts. He can be delivered in a tilt or an adjustable version just what you want to be supplied. You can not use the machine for the smaller glass plates. You must provide an electrical connection to the crane hook.
Also availible as 8 pad 800 kg, 1891 horse 8.
Dimensions: 6 pads 2500 wide, 8 pads 3000 mm wide. Height (2 pads) 750 mm, total height from steer to lift eye 1650 mm.

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